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Lavi – Base 6

IAF Hatzerim Base site is the core of the company’s activity, which includes headquarters and field branches that provide all maintenance solution for the M-346 (Lavi) aircraft of the Air Force Flight School today, and in the past for the A-4 Skyhawk aircraft.

A diverse site with ground crew members, Israeli Air Force veterans in all professions who respond to the operation of 30 “Lavi” aircraft at all levels of maintenance, including aircraft structure, propulsion, ground support equipment and testers.

Hatzerim site comprise about 125 staff members in all different professions.

O level – Flight Line

  • In charge of the sorties operations process which includes preparing the aircraft for flight, launching and receiving it after flight.
  • Execution of the planned flight plan, which includes scheduled maintenance and proactive maintenance.
  • Execute aircraft deployments to diversely Bases

Aircraft and availability section

  • In charge of the maintenance and repair of aircraft in I and O levels
  • Includes Professional Shops for Avionics, Weapons, Mechanics, Propulsion, Flight Control and Structure
  • In charge of the I level Shop thet performs Periodic Inspections and complex repairs

Headquarters and Management

  • The Company offices are located in Hatzerim AF Base and they service all the other Company sites.
  • The different Offices are: Human Resource, Safety, Quality Assurance, Training, Maintenance Records and Reliability.

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