Nevatim Site

Maintenance Wings LTD

Base 28

  • Nevatim site performs maintenance for the Israeli Air Force’s heavy transport aircraft, and serves as a subcontractor for the Israeli Aerospace Industry.
  • Fleet management and leadership of the aircraft structure field and the execution of avionics installations those aircraft.
  • The site employs a variety of technicians in all maintenance professions, with great knowledge, experience and training.
  • Nevatim technicians integrated in all levels of maintenance and certified for a variety of platforms: Boeing 707, Hercules C-130 H and J and Samson aircraft.
  • The employees have a lot of experience in the world of aviation, veterans of the Air Force and the aerospace industry, who are unique in the field of structure, aircraft welding and information systems.
  • In the Nevatim site are about 65 employees at the various management levels.

Structure department

  • Extensive experience in aircraft structure tasks on airborne platforms of all types including:
  • O level structural repairs.
  • Ability to manufacture aircraft parts like Access Panles, Bulkheadsand kits assembly. All according to the Aircraft Manufacturer Original Drawings and specs.
  • I and D level repair, overhaul and restoration capabilities for a variety of platforms.
  • Vast experience in Depot Level maintenance on the A-4 Skyhawk, Boeing 707 and Hercules C-130
  • Composite Materials Shop – Ability to perform Overhaul and restoration of composite and plastic materials parts
  • Welding Shop – Aircraft and airborne parts welding
  • Aircraft Painting Shop – Capability to perform local or general aircraft painting.

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