Maintenance Wings

Professional maintenance services for air force squadrons and in the aviation world.

About us

  • Maintenance Wings was established in IAF Base 6 Hatzerim with the purpose to give Operational and Maintenance capabilities to the IAF Pilots Flight Training School. With the years, the company expanded it’s activities to other locations, as IAF Base 28 Nevatim and Base 1 Ramat David performing other platforms retrofits, aircraft engines and structural repairs.

  • The Company is a subsidiary of Knafaim Holdings (KNFM – TLV) that owns several companies on the aerospace field.

  • Maintenance Wings is based on IAF experienced and professional personnel, retirees as well as young NCO’s after military service. All of them specialists in all maintenance and operational fields that received a specific training and certification in the company in order to perform their tasks in O and I level maintenance on several aircraft.

  • The Company is well known worldwide by it’s working standards and professionalism, and is certified according to the Aerospace Management Standard AS9100D.

Our mission

Operate and maintain the aircraft, dedicated equipment, airborne and ground systems at various levels of maintenance.

Respond to maintenance needs during routine and war time, for aircraft and related equipment, maximizing availability, quantity, safety and quality as required, while making optimal use of the resources at our disposition.

Our vision

To be the leader in providing Operational and Maintenance Services to the IAF aircraft.

To evolve in the aerospace market (civilian and military) locally and international while constantly working to realize excellence as a top value, through the cultivation of human capital which is the source of the strength of the company.

To be an example in the areas of quality, safety, professionalism and organizational effectiveness.

Locations and Activities

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